Bio Lab Exotique – ‘YOUTH ‘Potion Review

Bio Lab Exotique – ‘YOUTH ‘Potion Review

Bio Lab Exotique – organic skincare, zero % chemicals and is all about yummy and precious oils, is the new brand from the owner of Tzarina By Ollia, Oli Tzari. Yes, that gorgeous girl who became a fashion sensation a few years ago by dressing every A-lister in LA from Beyonce to the Jenners. She got tired of the fashion world, got herself a handsome business partner Asghar Akhtar Khan and ran away to Morocco for a few weeks. The result is a high end limited edition ‘Youth’ and ‘Elixir’ potions by Bio Lab Exotique. The products promise to deliver visible results within 48h, that is a very ambitious promise so we had to test the potions! I could not get ‘Elixir’ in my hands as all the samples the brand produced went to the supermodels and super influencers, however, they sent me ‘ YOUTH’.

What is it: ‘Youth’ enhancing and preserving,  oil-based potion.

-Boosts collagen production

-Preserves skin fibroblasts: a type of biological cell, that synthesizes the extracellular matrix and collagen

-Long-lasting hydration

-Gives skin that ‘Instagram’ filtered look

-Tip: perfect as an after-sun or a makeup primer!

How to use: best to use before bedtime or after the shower, let the product sink in, if you have to go out just tap off the excess residue with a tissue. 

Ingredients: 100% prickly pear oil, 100% neem oil, 100% argan oil. No chemicals.

I have to say that after 2 nights of sleeping with the product comfortably sitting on my skin, i do look as if I had a boost of collagen. It’s so bizarre. Natural product that really plumps your skin. I think I am about to convert basically.