Hemp Oil For Dogs: Benefits, Dosage, & Success Stories

Hemp Oil For Dogs: Benefits, Dosage, & Success Stories

Hemp oil is available in either powder form or oil form from which it can be transformed into creams or gels for topical application which can then be applied directly to the site of the affected area. (It can also be consumed in CBD capsule form or as an oral spray).

Why Use Hemp Oil For Dogs

So, like using hemp oil for humans, it won’t get your dog high. However as mentioned previously, studies have shown that many of the chemicals in cannabis, the cannabinoids, have anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping your dog with his pain, any tumors or seizures he may suffer from, muscle spasms brought on my epilepsy, skin conditions, appetite and neurological conditions including aggression and anxiety.

Hemp CBD oil can help your dog with both chronic pain and acute illness.

Hemp oil has even been found to be beneficial for dogs who are being treated for ailments such as sprains or strains, ligament tears, broken bones, and due to its anti-inflammatory nature, it is being used in post-operative care to help reduce swelling, pains and stiffness caused by surgery.

Benefits Of Hemp Oil For Dogs

Why would you choose to give your dog an herbal remedy over modern medicine if they are in pain? Well you wouldn’t, you would give it in combination. Hemp oil, thanks to its therapeutic effects means your pup can take lower doses of the conventional medicine, meaning less nasty side effects from the strong medicines.

Dosage Of Hemp Oil For Dogs

Because hemp oil is a slow burner, you don’t see immediate effects with it, you have to remain patient. It isn’t like giving an NSAID drug where you see results almost immediately. Hemp oil can take several hours to take affect and several days for symptoms such as inflammation to show signs of reduction.

It is worth bearing in mind too that hemp oil is a polyunsaturated fat, which means that the oil is unstable and won’t fare well with being cooked. Only add the oil to cold food, after it has been processed (if you heat your dog’s food) as the oil can become rancid and cause health problems rather than help cure them!

On another side note – if your dog’s diet is high in chicken it might be worth avoiding giving him hemp seed oil, substituting flaxseed oil instead. Chicken is already quite high in polyunsaturated fats and adding in extra fats with the hemp oil could cause an imbalance in his diet, making him poorly.

For dogs whose meals are rich in fish and beef, hemp oil complements this diet very well.

So how much hemp oil should you be giving your dog?

The recommended amount is 1 teaspoon for every 1-1.25lb of food.

Side Effects Of Hemp Oil For Dogs

As mentioned previously, your dog won’t get high from taking hemp oil, he’ll get better. However, like any medicine it can have side effects, but those side effects are nothing in comparison to some effects from conventional medicine.

Your dog might become a little drowsy after taking the hemp oil, the same as if you gave him an antihistamine.

On rare occasions he might have a reaction which results in excessive itching or mild vomiting, if this happens you should cease with the hemp oil treatment, but these cases are in the minority.

Recent success stories


Emma Smith of Sherman Oaks, California began using hemp oil on her 13-year-old Pomeranian, Tinkerbell, about a year and a half ago when Tinkerbell was battling liver disease and having chronic seizures. Due to her illness, Tinkerbell was unable to walk, eat, or use the bathroom on her own. The vet advised Tinkerbell to be put to sleep.

At the last minute, based on a recommendation from her local CBD dispensary, Emma decided to try hemp oil to make Tinkerbell comfortable in her last few hours. That night, she gave Tinkerbell a dose of hemp oil before bed and the next morning she was walking, using the bathroom on her own again, and had no seizures!


Toby is a 7-year-old Great Dane/Akita mix who lives in Santa Clarita, California. His mom, Jordan, says Toby had terrible stomach problems from the moment they brought him home from the shelter when he was 2 months old. He vomited and had watery bowel movements every single day.

In 2013 Jordan tried hemp oil on Toby. It totally changed everything. Now Toby doesn’t fight Jordan during mealtimes; he eats willingly, and there’s no more vomit or diarrhea.


CBD oil came into the life of Beth Ann Corr of Boston, Massachusetts when her 14-year-old Sheltie, Tamu, was diagnosed with sarcoma and also had pretty serious arthritis.

Tamu was on oral chemo, and Beth Ann wanted something without side effects for the arthritis. Beth Ann says, “Tamu had not come upstairs in over a year and a half, and after about 2 weeks on the hemp oil, he bounded up the steps and was also able to jump in the car again! The hemp oil was also very helpful in keeping up his appetite during chemo.

Tamu passed away recently and Beth Ann has since adopted another Sheltie named Jazz who was “extremely fearful of everything and very noise phobic”. She started him on hemp oil and he has become a different dog.

Finally, with all that we know about the benefits of hemp oil, harnessing its superb health benefits therefore can only positively impact mental health: healthy body – healthy mind.

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