My Story







Hi there! My name is Skylor Powell.  I have created this website for you, because you and I are a lot alike.  Since I was 20, I have wondered how to be healthier.  I have searched for ways cook meals that satisfy my taste buds and my immune system. At that time, I was going to school at Colorado College- so I needed more than just tasty and healthy – I needed these meals to be energizing for my active lifestyle and not take much time because I was always off to a yoga class, neuroscience 101, or seeking out a new fourteener to conquer. I found myself often asking dead air, what foods can do all of this?

That was five years ago. Between then and now, I dabbled with vegetarianism, I was a pescatarian for years, and even went through a period where I would only eat cold breakfasts. Never hot. I took a trip to Ghana and to Kenya with my role model and inspiration, Chaun Powell (my brother, who you can see with my mom and myself below). I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and became a certified yoga instructor.  Spent three years in Portland and lived in five different homes, one of which being a donation based yoga studio that I opened with one of my best friends (Molly, doing yoga below), and a year later closed with my best friends as well.  I’ve spent time dancing around at bluegrass festivals, falling in love, taking road trips, meeting some of the most incredible people who I wouldn’t be here without, spending time with friends that have become family, and of course, asking myself the ever-present question… what the heck am I supposed to be doing here in this life?

Now I am 25 years old, living in Minneapolis with my boyfriend, Peter, who has his own cooking series in this blog and is pictured below. We are pet-sitting for two adorable dogs, Charlie (pictured below, with the smoothie) and Rocco. I teach yoga 4-6 times a week at Corepower Yoga, paddle board as often as I can, walk, run, and rollerblade with the pups.  I have come to temporary conclusions about the food questions that I have been consistently asking myself for the past few years (I say temporary because this is only what I know so far, and every day brings to light new answers!). I strictly don’t eat soy, beans, bell peppers, tomatoes or olives. I probably dabble in dairy and gluten consumption once or twice a week, when I go out to eat or am lucky enough to have friends and family make meals for me. I don’t drink alcohol and eat very little sugar. I eat chicken and fish, ideally knowing where it comes from, but in all honesty I am not as strict as I’d like to be.  I will eat dried figs until the cows come home, and then I’ll eat a couple more. Five things you will always find in my kitchen? Spinach, almond butter, my Vitamix, coffee, and big bowls to use for every meal. I’ll add a sixth: a cup for water.

In all reality,  I am still a lot like you. I am constantly searching for new and improved ways to take care of myself, while still maintaining life outside of a health bubble.  Sure, it would be awesome if we wanted to eat only spinach, cashews, olive oil and brown rice every day while maintaining a regular social life and excited palate. That’s just not possible.  So I am going to continue this journey, exploring new healthy avenues. As I do, I will share it with you, and I hope you will join me in sharing yours !